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Beer Down Here #BeerChurch Bottle Share 01/07/18

Yet another solid roundup of craft beer offerings for this weeks edition of “Beer Church”

Very simple yet refreshing gose. Crisp and wonderfully tart w/ notes of citrus and coriander

Pours a beautiful red-amber color with pleasant fruity aromas. Dry with a nice tartness, accompanied by a pleasant tag-team of flavors from the tart cranberries and sweet cherries, reminiscent of the old school fruity/sour gel squirt candy things you got as a kid… if you didn’t have those as a kid, your parents didn’t love you. Sorry.

The first sip of this foeder-aged dark sour ale will punch you in the face with its sourness and leave you going back for more. If you could somehow juice the red Sour Patch Kids Extreme, it would probably taste something like this great beer! It pours a cloudy, reddish-brown w/ aromas of oak, fruit, and acid followed by flavors of wood, raspberry, and some serious tartness

This rustic saison pours brown w/ a slight reddish hue with nice malty and phenolic aromas. Medium bodied with a nice malt base and a pleasant spiciness

Pours pale yellow and has huge aromas of malt, pine, and citrus. Strong malt background followed with a big piney/citrusy hop profile ending with a slight sweet/boozy finale.

A very tasty IPA with wonderful aromas of sweet malt accompanied by citrus forward hop profile. Medium bodied with a nice malt sweetness followed by a nice citrusy/piney hop bite

Pours jet black with a thin reddish-brown head. Strong yet pleasant aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cocoa with thick and sweet flavors of chocolate, spice, and booze

This rare gem is a blend of a Serpent’s Stout that is aged in Bourbon Barrels with a regular Serpent’s Stout. It is malt forward with aromas of milk chocolate. Not much if any barrel or booze aromas or flavors, but certainly notes of bitter cocoa and milk chocolate.

Check with us next time for another Beer Down Here #BeerChurch Bottle Share



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