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Beer Down Here #BeerChurch Bottle Share 01/25/2018

Another great lineup of beers for this weeks #BeerChurch! Check them out below!

Pours a nice cloudy straw with pleasantly tart aromas of the obvious passion fruit, along with lemon-lime and subtle vanilla. Flavor is delicately tart with a thin mouthfeel and taste of passion fruit and lychee with a nice residual sweetness from the lactose and a faint vanilla finish.

Pours a beautiful golden-red and clearer than one would expect. Aromas are dominated by cherry candy and biscotti with taste of tart cherry, sweet almond, and a subtle nutty funk finish.

Cloudy, reddish brown with acidic yet jammy aromas with a moderately tart and acidic flavor of blackberry jam.

This is a great sasion that was fermented with yeast from both breweries and aged in barrels for 14 months! It pours with medium cloudiness and a thin white head. Aromas are dominated by barnyard funk and spicy phenols with flavors that match of malt, spice, slight funk and oakiness.

Pours reddish mahogany with thin white head. Aroma is heavy with tart cherries with a slight sweetness and faint oakiness. Taste pleasantly tart with a sharp acidity with flavors of mixed berries, jam, and cherry pie.

Looks like orange juice in the glass… if your orange juice is carbonated and produces a thin white head. Aroma and taste match with tropical fruit like mango and pineapple along with piney, resiny, bitter orange notes.

Pours pitch black with a nice tan head. Wonderful aromas of bittersweet chocolate, dark fruit, vanilla, faint licorice notes, with alcoholic booze. Flavors heavy with dark chocolate and vanilla with notes of dried fruit and a boozy ending.

Glad this was the last beer of the night because at 15% ABV it is quite a doozie! This beer is Prairie’s Bomb!, which is already an amazing beer, that they add coffee, cacao nibs, vanilla, and chilies and then age in rum barrels! This beer is super complex and wonderfully delicious. It pours jet black with a thin, reddish brown head. Aroma is spicy bell pepper, hot chocolate, dark fruits, rummy booze. Flavor is roasted malts, coffee, vanilla, sweet malt, figs, and chocolate with a prominent rum barrel booziness.

Check back in with us next time for another edition of #BeerChurch!



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