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504 Craft Beer Reserve’s ‘World’s Smallest F’in Beer Festival’

Updated: May 1, 2018

Yesterday we had the privilege of being a part of 504 Craft Beer Reserve’s “World’s Smallest F’in Beer Festival” celebrating their two year Anniversary and Grand “Re-Opening” of their full concept! A boatload of representatives from local breweries like NOLA Brewing, Wayward Owl, Gnarly Barley, Great Raft, Secondline, Royal Brewery, and Chafunkta, to name a few, were joined by National brands like Bells, New Belgium, Finch, Brooklyn, and Sierra Nevada to pour their suds and talk beer with the large crowd of attendees. We had a great time sampling all the great beers and chowing down on the delicious crawfish, BBQ, and other equally amazing culinary delights while interacting with the crowd and enjoying the weather!

It certainly wasn’t easy, but within the short span of two years, our friends at 504 Craft Beer Reserve finally have their original concept in full operation and we are SUPER excited! They are basically a Starbucks for craft beer connoisseurs. It is now one of the only places in New Orleans where you can stop in, grab a pint while you shop for your next bottle share, sit on the couch and sip on a local craft beer while catching up on some reading. Or if you don’t have time, just grab a growler on your way to a BBQ. They are pretty much the “Central Perk” of “FRIENDS”… if your friends are passionate about craft beer… and if they’re not, we strongly suggest finding new friends!

Check out some of the pics below and be sure to wish the guys (and gals) at 504 Craft Beer Reserve “Happy Anniversary” next time you pop in the store!



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