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Beer Down Here #BeerChurch 04/08/18

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

Only way to cap off a great weekend of crawfish, friends and craft beer is for another episode of #BeerChurch bottle share. Before we dive into the delicious beer we enjoyed we wanted to give a thank you to Craft Beer Cellar New Orleans for inviting us to check out their grand opening. It was cool to check out their space and meet and the owner. Go check out their growler fill station that is now up and running.

Read on below to see what we were sipping on!

A blend of 2014, 2015, and 2016 spontaneously fermented beer from our friends out in Austin, Texas. The aroma is heavy on the lemon and limes with undertones of coconut. The slightly hazy straw colored liquid was booming with earthy hay like flavors that finished lemony tart with a hint of spiciness. Overall this beer tasted like you would expect a Jester King beer to taste like: well balanced and slightly funky. Great new skool geuze!

My first thoughts were what the hell is a black gose and why haven't we had one of these mystical beast before? Well it turned out to be exactly what we all imagined and we were certainly not disappointed. This gose is crafted with black lava salt and aged 100% in whiskey barrels and was quite delicious. The aroma was a perfect balancing act of slightly roasted and slightly oaky notes. Poured dark black with faint reddish hues and a thin mocha head. The combination of flavors included roasted malt, oak and whiskey flavors, along with a slight tartness made this beer one we all will remember.

This authentic turbid mash sour ale was released for New Orleans Tricentennial Anniversary. This complex beer spent three years in oak barrels to be blended with a one year old vintage. It pours cloudy with a beautiful reddish gold color and features a huge nutty funky aroma from the Brettanomyces. This brew had a strong acidic acid presence with lemony undertones with a prominent nutty Brett finish.

Another great offering from the team at Almanac! This fruit cocktail of a beer pours a pretty pink color with a dense, moderate sized white head that fades fast. It has a wonderful aroma of mixed berries and features bright flavors of raspberry, lemon, blueberry and cherry with a pleasant lingering tartness. What a treat!

To øL is back at it again with this year's edition of their "Mr." Series, of which they make a beer for each member of Quentin Tarrantino's 1992 cult classic, "Resovoir Dogs". This #BeerChurch we sample two of them, the first being Mr. Orange. It pours a cloudy orange color with a nice white head and aromas of bitter orange and citrus with matching flavors of tangerine and grapefruit with slight tropical notes.

This beer pours a beautiful golden-orange color with amazing notes of sweet grapefruit and orange, along with aromas of tropical fruit and pine. Flavor is hope forward yet very well balanced, big on tropical fruit with a nice notes of citrus and dank. Overall this is a great single malt/single hop IPAs from the folks from Last Stand in Austin, Texas.

Can't say that we have ever had a beer from Firestone Walker that wasn't downright amazing and this one certainly fits the bill. It pours a rich mahogany with intense aromas of oak, vanilla, and caramel sauce. The taste features notes of toffee, milk chocolate, oak, and dark fruit, with a thinner than expected body.

This super complex Imperial Stout is brewed with coffee and aged over cognac chips and cedar spirals. It pours an expected jet black with a thick tan head and an overwhelming aroma of coffee, and bittersweet chocolate accompanied by flavors dominated by coffee as well as cocoa, and woodyness.

Check back with us next time for another edition of Beer Down Here's #BeerChurch!



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