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Beer Down Here #BeerChurch Bottle Share 03/25/2018

This weeks Beer Down Here Sunday Night #BeerChurch bottle share we go full spectrum starting out with some light and delicious “dessert” berliner weisses and ending with some big and boozie barleywines. Read on below and see what we popped!

This fruity delight pours a hazy golden color like one of those newfangled NEIPAs, with an aroma of light sweet oranges belying slightly tart flavors of apricot and orange leaving almost a Orangina-like taste on the tongue. Hints of vanilla extract is almost overwhelming on the finish but really rounds out the pop (cold-drank if you’re from down here) experience for this delicious brew.

This Flanders-style red ale is aged in wine barrels over dates and blackberries and features a reddish-brown hue with aromas of jam and tart blackberry. This blackberry bomb finishes dry and super tasty with a surprisingly good balance between the fruit and acid that is present in this tasty libation.

This lovely farmhouse ale is a collaboration with London, England’s Kernel Brewing Co. It has a lightly hazy straw colored appearance and features a very floral/herbal aroma including whiffs of white pepper. The taste is classic Jester King featuring grassy, lemony and barnyard-like earthy notes throughout.

Brewed with mango, passion fruit, and peach; this super sessionable IPA features a gold like color with an overwhelming tropical fruit aroma heavily leaning toward sweet mango and tart passion fruit. The peach was not a discernible aroma, but the flavor was a wave of unripe peach, passion fruit and light, mango. This was such a well-balanced IPA that I would highly recommend trying this beauty if you can find it. Check out our friends at 504 Craft Beer Reserve in Mid-City or Stein’s Deli in the Lower Garden District.

Double dry-hopped with Galaxy, Comet and Cascade hops, this beast of a beer features a slightly hazy hue, and juicy aromas of pine and resin. The flavor is bursting with orange and slight hints of grapefruit which made this a really enjoyable treat. The mouth feel was surprisingly soft for an IPA of this caliber. Most people attending our “BeerChurch” bottle share this week really enjoyed the Burial — Industrial arts collab-brew.

As we enter the dark part of the night, we start with a classic Russian Imperial Stout from our friends at Nebraska Brewing Company. Little Betty pours blood red/dark amber in color. Aromas of roasted chocolate permeate from the glass leaving you longing for chocolate covered coffee beans. The flavor profile is no different with bold flavors of dark fruit, roasted malts, and chocolate. This is one tasty stout!

This is a candy bar in a bottle disguised as a beer. Notes of Peanut Butter and Hazelnut are extremely pungent and the flavor matches perfectly. Creamy and delicious, this beer offers tastes of chocolate, nuts and malted barley. When it comes to this Willy wonka-esque concoction, your best bet is to just treat yo-self and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time.

A fitting way to end the night, Clown Shoe’s “Nillionaire is an English Style Barleywine ale aged in rum barrels with vanilla added. This malt-forward bomb of a beer features aromas of sweet vanilla and malt with an overwhelming amount of vanilla, rum and caramel on the tongue. This beer was definitely the perfect night cap for the evening. We are even contemplating snagging another bottle to add to our cellar and further study how age will affect the assertive flavors in this big beer.

Check back with us next time for another edition of #BeerChurch!



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