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Beer Down Here #BeerChurch Bottle Share 04/01/2018

For this week’s episode of Beer Down Here’s Sunday Night #BeerChurch Bottle share, we go hard in the paint with sour and funk to flip the script and end the night with an Imperial Milk Stout.

Read on below to see what we were sipping on!

This delicious and complex beer pours light golden/pale yellow in color and has a boatload of aromas like barnyard hay, lemon, and the pineapple fruit cups you had packed in your lunchbox in grammar school… or maybe last week at the office. Pleasantly dry and moderately tart with nice flavors of pineapple with hints of vanilla and oak at the end.

This barrel aged sour wheat ale is a blend of New Braunfels “Blondine” that is barrel-aged in a variety of first and second use barrels from their cellar. It pours a hazy gold with a slight brownish tinge. It has a solid bready malt backbone with strong but pleasant sour tartness and barnyard funk. It finishes with a faint vinegar acidity at the end along with woody and oaky notes from the barrels.

Another solid offering from B-52, this mix culture sour is aged on oak and conditioned on peaches & apricots. Pours a hazy peachy hue with smells of lactic acid and lemon with fruity notes of unripe peaches and apricot. Flavor is comparable with subtle hints of peach and an explosion of apricot followed by funk and oak.

This beer is a collaboration with Burial Beer Co. and is hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Amarillo, and Mandarina Bavaria and aged on Carolina peaches, white blossoms, and toasted peach wood then finished with their wild house culture. It pours a hazy light gold and has aromas of hay, grass, lemon, and floral notes followed by a subtle tartness and pleasant bread and peach flavors.

Another solid offering from the wonderful people at The Bruery. This beer pours a beautiful orangey-pink color with a thin white head. The nose is full of lactic tartness, lemon, cherry cough drops, and slight oak with explosive flavors of assertive yet enjoyable sourness and fruity undertones with subtle cherry and an oaky finish.

So this is the first beer that we have had from The Libertine Brew-Co and what a delicious one it is! So for those who are unaware, a “Pluot” is a plum and apricot hybrid and makes quite an appearance in this lovely brew! This beer pours a cloudy gold color with faint reddish-brown hues and a thin, quickly fading white head. The aromas are light barnyard funk and a noticeable lemony-tart acidity and ample notes of apricot and plum with easy-drinking tart and fruity flavors to match!

This SUPER COMPLEX beer is a self-proclaimed “Texas Red Wine Barrel Aged Black Sour Wheat Beer”. So the bottle we procured is “Batch 10”, which was aged in two different barrels with Syrah lees from William Chris Vineyards in Hye, Texas. The barrels had aged the Syrah wine for a couple of years before they were filled with the dark sour wheat beer. After about a year in the barrels, the beer was bottled flat with the addition of un-fermented wort and allowed it to naturally carbonate and condition in the bottle. This wonderful treat from NBBCo is multi-dimensional due to the use of Syrah lees and barrels. It has a nice bready background and a moderate level of sour tartness with a subtle funk and prominent notes of wine flavor and tannins.

A nice sweet dessert beer to end the night after all of the mouth puckering acidic beers that preceded it, this beer pours deep black with a slight brown hue and a decent khaki head. The aroma is definitely cookie, with notes of cinnamon, raisin, toffee, bready malt, and chocolate. The lactose gives a nice residual sweetness that goes along with an oatmeal-raisin-cookie flavor to match. A great beer to end the night!

Check back with us next time for another edition of #BeerChurch!



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