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#BeerChurch Field Trip to Urban South Brewery

For this week’s #BeerChurch, we decided to have a field trip to Urban South Brewery to share some great beers with our great friends over there! Check out what we had below!

Pours clear with a slight yellow hue and aromas of sweet corn and spent grain. Taste is light and mellow with sweet malt flavors dominating along with grassy hop bitterness towards the end.

This delicious and interesting beer is quite unique. It is a strong ale blended with Zinfandel, cherry, and raspberry juice, and fermented with wine and champagne yeast. This beer-wine hybrid smells and taste just as it sounds! Pours cloudy light brown with beautiful reddish hues and presents wonderful aromas of white grapes and mixed berries. It is light bodied with a white wine mouthfeel and taste of mixed berries, think of it like a carbonated white sangria!

Pours hazy golden with citrusy aromas and nice acidity and funk. Taste is heavy on citrus and lime and beautifully tart w/ faint spiciness on the end.

Pretty golden amber in color with nice sweet, malty, bready aromas, with slight chocolate notes. Flavors of sweet malt and caramel dominate with a pleasant herbal hop bitterness towards the end.

Pours reddish brown and cloudy with a nice off-white head. Pleasant aromas of raisin, burnt caramel, and honey. Flavors are complimentary with notes of burnt sugar, dried fruit, and caramel sauce

Slightly cloudy and amber in color with a hop forward aroma of citrus and pine. Flavor is full on hop bitterness in the front, supported by a balanced malt backbone. This is dryer than one would expect for a double IPA, but likely due to the honey addition, which adds a nice residual sweetness towards the finish.

Pours nice hazy golden orange with citrusy and dank hop aromas. Taste follows the nose with slight caramel malt and orangey-dank hop bitterness.

Beautiful deep red color with pleasant aromas of raspberry and thyme, with a faint ginger note at the end. Taste is aggressively tart and acidic with flavors heavy in mixed berries along with a nice spice from the ginger.

Pours black as obsidian with aromas of roasted malts, bitter cocoa, and espresso. Tastes like it smells with flavors of roasted coffee and dark chocolate.

Coming out of their Rotator Series, this stout pours pitch black with smells of roasted malts and dark chocolate. This stout is medium bodied and slightly sweet with flavors of burnt caramel and bittersweet chocolate dominating.

Pours black with nice tan head and wonderful aromas of Bourbony booze, cocoa, and vanilla. Thick and heavy, with flavors of semi-sweet chocolate and roasted malts.

Check back with us next time for another episode of #BeerChurch!



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