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Hazy and Juicy N.E.I.P.A’s are now an officially recognized style!

Hazy beer drinkers are rejoicing all over the world today as the Brewers Association, a non-profit trade organization for the craft beer industry, has finally decided to recognize Hazy & Juicy Ales, IPAs and Double IPAs as it’s own distinct style. The trade group has recently released their new 2018 stylebook guidelines which features hundreds of format changes, additions, edits, and revisions now including the New England style haze craze that is sweeping the nation. Louisiana is in the midst of its own haze wave with Parish Brewing Co’s Ghost in the Machine, Gnarly Barley’s Jucifer, Chafunkta’s Lemmings, and even the veteran brewer Abita HOPed ON the haze train. (see what we did there?) Some say N.E.I.P.A’s are just a fad like the Black IPA/Cascadian Dark Ale that was all the rage in 2008 only to fade away a few years later. Will these juicy, hazy pale ales succumb to the same fate as their darker cousins?… Time will only tell, but we will certainly enjoy the moment!



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