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Louisiana Breweries Seek Ability to Self-Distribute

The Louisiana Craft Brewers Guild is reaching out to local craft beer fans urging them to contact their senators in the State Judiciary B Committee to help galvanize support behind a proposed senate bill that would allow small breweries in state to self-distribute an reasonable amount of beer that they produce. Currently Louisiana is one of eleven states that requires breweries to completely rely on third party distributors to get their beer into stores, restaurants and retail locations.

This "three tier" approach not only increases the cost to the consumer but also leaves local brands at the mercy of their distributor to determine which brands get more attention than others. Often times, this causes national brands to receive more resources than the local craft beer Louisianans want and enjoy. Self-distribution would provide smaller local breweries (and wineries) a greater profit margin and allow them to grow and strengthen their brand while providing local consumers with fresher product. It would also allow "brew pubs" like Courtyard, Brieux Carre, Parleaux, and soon to be open Miel to sell their wonderful products outside of their brewery, which we think is a WIN WIN for everyone!

Beer Down Here supports the effort by the Louisiana Brewers Guild to reform current alcohol distribution laws and to allow for local breweries to self-distribute their product.

If you love Louisiana craft beer, join us in contacting members of the Senate Judiciary Committee B and tell them to vote yes on an Amendment to Senate Bill 314 to allow breweries to self-distribute!

Senator Gary Smith (Chair) - Norco

(985) 764-9122

Senator Ronnie Johns (Vice-Chair) - Lake Charles

(337) 491-2016

Senator Norbèrt N. "Norby" Chabert - Houma

(985) 858-2927

Senator Eric LaFleur - Ville Platte

(337) 363-5019

(877) 396-4600

Senator Jean-Paul J. Morrell - New Orleans

(504) 284-4794

Senator Karen Carter Peterson - New Orleans

(504) 568-8346

Senator Gregory Tarver - Shreveport

(318) 227-1499



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