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New Beer Alert: NOLA Brewing

NOLA Brewing’s Funk Series presents: Twins Basil, Twins a refreshingly tart American wild ale with citrus and basil. Poured from a 500ml bottle this straw-colored wild ale emits an aromatic symphony of basil and sweet orange giving way to hints of grapefruit and lemon. Right off the bat, you begin tasting bright notes of citrus, in particular grapefruit, which pairs extremely well with the basil undertones. Twins Basil, Twins is a well-balanced easy drinker (6% ABV) with a pleasantly dry finish.

The name, Twins Basil, Twins, pays homage to NOLA’s recent brew, “Humid Nature”, a collaboration with Cali-based brewery Modern Times. This collab-brew recently won a gold medal in the wood-and barrel aged sour beer category presented by Best of Craft Beer Awards. Twins Basil, Twins features the Modern Times house Brettanomyces culture and second-use citrus fruit from Humid Nature along with NOLA’s house lactobacillus culture hopped with Goldings and a grain bill consisting of wheat, flaked oats and 2-row barley. Twins Basil, Twins is extremely limited and only available at NOLA’s Tap Room, Saturday, March 31, 2018 coinciding with their Easter Keg Hunt event in Mid-City.

Not only will the tasty Twins Basil, Twins be available in 500ml bottles at NOLA’s Tap room on Saturday; it’s a DOUBLE RELEASE!! NOLA Brewing will also be offering 16oz cans (4-pack) of their limited imperial IPA release, Spud Heavy. Idaho-7 and Comet hops lend their aromas and flavors at three different stages of the process, first wort, whirlpool, and dry hopping. Comet’s grapefruit characteristics play perfectly with Idaho-7’s tropical fruit and pine profile. Beer Down Here stopped by NOLA’s brewhouse to grab a sneak peak taste and we are extremely excited to try the final version of Spud Heavy; it is going to be one majestic juice bomb!

In addition to the awesome double feature beer release, NOLA will also have their featured event, the Easter Keg Hunt. Participants will team up with friends to explore the historical streets of Mid-City in search of clues all culminating in a live performance by Sexual Thunder and FREE BEER for participants. Click here to sign up your team and find out about more awesome things happening at NOLA Brewing!

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