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40 Apent Brewing Calls it Quits

As of 4:00 PM today, 40 Arpent Brewing Company of Arabi will shut its doors and cease production. Started in 2014, 40 Arpent was located on the riverfront of Old Arabi. They are known for interesting beers like “Red Bean and Rice Ale” as well as their Orange Blossom Opossum, as well as their Duckweed IPA and New Basin Milk Stout. The closure seems to stem from differences between business partners. Michael Naquin, founder of 40 Arpent stated that the owner of the building that housed the brewery, who was also a large stakeholder, refused to renew the brewery’s lease and with the overwhelming cost of relocating the brewery, Mr. Naquin decided to call it quits.



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